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WHAMP - Waves in Homogeneous Anisotropic Magnetized Plasma. Fortran code, originally written by Kjell Rönnmark, that calculates general wave dispersion relation in plasmas.

Roennmark, K. (1982). WHAMP - waves in homogeneous, anisotropic, multicomponent plasmas (KGI--179). Sweden

This project combined the WHAMP computational engine with data input screens and graphical output written in Java. The WHAMP computation component of these packages was built using GNU g77 as 32-bit executables, and may not run on some 64-bit systems.

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For more information about WHAMP, and the latest version of the compute engine, see github.com/irfu/whamp.
There is also a MATLAB wrapper for data input and plot viewing, similar in concept to jwhamp.